July Heat Wave Playlist

That moment when the sun drops just enough to cool the temperature and make us wonder if suffering through the day was worth it after all. A three-year-old who never fails to comment on the sweatiness of his back each time he gets out of the carseat, kids making a beeline for the creek near our house to cool off after playing outside in the scorched grass. Me, constantly chastising our two black dogs for laying in the sun and lecturing them about staying hydrated. The inevitable text chain that starts most nights, friends compiling whatever is in the fridge for an impromptu shared dinner. The school and sports emails creeping in, reminding us not to get too comfy with our lax schedule. A lump in my throat whenever I think about summer ending...and also thinking which arm I would give for a night where the house is still and quiet before 10. Driving home just before dark, the windows down, music blaring. This is summer.