Chilly November Playlist

Between the midterm elections, the news and the brutal cold wind I’ve been standing in every day for kids’ sportsing, I’m constantly fighting the urge to take up smoking again maybe while also eating a Pepperidge Farms coconut cake in the bathtub. Thankfully, there is music. Even though the month has just started this playlist has been a blanket to wrap myself in each day. Emotional thumb-sucking if you will. Yes, there is Joni Mitchell but don’t worry, there is also Martha Wainwright (yup, THAT song) because even though this is the season for looking through cooking magazines like porn, it’s a time when we cannot afford to tune out to what is happening around us. Call your representatives to fight for recounts and gun legislation, scale back your wishlists to allow for donating to causes that matter to you but also go to a museum and surround yourself with beautiful work. Go see a live human performance of any kind. Knit something awful (done.) and hit shuffle on this playlist for a little of everything good.