Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved

Here we go! In the last year there has been a collective gasp as blinders came off, hard truths were revealed and dividing lines were etched firmly into the sand. Just as many of us declared, "At this point NOTHING shocks me," we were offered up story after story that knocked us backwards. Waking up with a feeling like a cross between a flu and a hangover we reluctantly reached for our phones, dreading what may be waiting for us.

And just as we started to eye our neighbors, family and coworkers with suspicion (or even outrage and contempt) we also started to realize that it is difficult, actually impossible, to take up permanent residence in that place. We felt compelled to ACT, to engage, to rally our people and force something positive to come from the muck. As much as we were yanked from a safe nest of ignorance and complacency, we were handed the opportunity for something different, something ultimately better and more true, but we'd have to work for it. And that's where people like Julia Turshen come in. 

Over the years I've followed along with Julia, appreciating her work and then becoming a bit of a Super Fan when her projects and social media began to express what I, and so many around me, were feeling. She took part, she spoke up about what mattered and felt little obligation to stay out of the fray so as not to see her number of followers plummet. Marches, letters, phone calls, useful information and Instagram stories featuring true gems from the community kitchen where she regularly volunteers kept me from spiraling on the days when the news was particularly tough, the losses especially brutal. 

I've found my own ways to contribute, I've lifted the veil a bit for my boys, trying hard to find ways to help them see the world around them as it really is without scaring the hell out of them. And I'll admit, there have been days when I've felt a little resentful that I don't have the time in my schedule of kid schlepping and school volunteering to park outside a senator's office or donate to every cause that I feel so passionate about. Somebody still has to make dinner and pack the snacks. Julia Turshen's book, Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved comes along at just the right time, affirming what I know to be true; there is power in caring for those around us with thoughtful gestures, kind words and nourishing food. This book, informative and inspiring, will give you food for thought on new ways to do your part while also providing recipes that come together easily and without a hassle. So many perspectives and voices show up in this book, you'll find yourself slipping it into a bag and thumbing through it whenever you have a few free moments. Another added perk: All proceeds from the book are donated to the ACLU. 

"In this new world, which in so many ways isn't new at all and is just without the guise of false security, resistance is the new normal. Many have been getting into what Georgia Congressman John Lewis refers to as 'good trouble' for decades. For some, activism is inherited and tightly woven into their fabric. For others, activism is a less ingrained part of life, a match just struck." 

                                                                           - Julia Turshen

I've gotten so much use from Feed the Resistance that I would LOVE to share a copy with one of you! Leave a comment below with how you've been most changed in these past months, resources you've found particularly helpful or someone you've found especially inspiring. I'll randomly select one winner at noon MST on Sunday, October 22nd to receive a free copy of Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved