Hi there!  I'm Jenny - a writer, home cook, wife and mother to three boys in Golden, Colorado. I'm inspired by good food, daily rituals, books, song lyrics, the palette of nature and above all, the women all around us who work tirelessly each day to shape our world in ways big and small. 

I've been blogging sporadically since 2008 and have often wondered, like so many of us, if what I'm putting out into the world is of value or just more noise. In the last year or so our collective culture has changed dramatically - I've watched, heartbroken, as millions of people divided in anger and I've also seen people, women in particular, who have picked up the pieces and set to work stitching it all back together. For years I've wanted a forum to share the daily lives of women just like us and also not like us at all. Women transitioning from homelessness, women leaving a hetero marriage to explore their sexuality, immigrants, entrepreneurs, women living with a chronic illness, single mothers, foster mothers...the list goes on and on and you'll be able to learn more about each, going a bit deeper and getting to the good stuff while seeing what a day in the life of another woman is really like, from sunup to sundown. 

The largest part of my day is always spent in the kitchen. It's where I'm my happiest and most inspired, convenient since everyone here is constantly eating! My family and I have been primarily gluten and dairy free for nearly a decade but you'll find a variety of recipes here to suit any dietary preference you may have gathered around your table. The recipes you'll find here are relaxed and forgiving - you can cook them a few extra minutes when you forget about the stove as you're frantically googling help for math homework or getting into a second glass of wine. You can also trust that everything I make has passed the taste test with at least one out of three kids, so there's that. 

Anything parenting related is born from a problem or phase that I've had to muddle my way through at some point and is meant to start a conversation, ease an anxiety or just give a new perspective. If you're here, odds are very high you already know that raising kids is not a one size fits all arrangement and you'll know to take what you like, leave what you don't. 


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